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There’s a lot more to being a Salesforce partner than gaining access to 160,000 new potential customers. Hear stories from five successful product officers and what they’ve learned.

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  • Reduce development costs
  • Drive revenue
  • Reach enterprise buyers

65% of AppExchange partners say that their participation in the AppExchange increased their revenues. What do you see when you look at the AppExchange? Opportunity or just another channel?

"[The AppExchange] is exactly what customers would expect from an app store in their home life. They can see, try, and buy without fear. Working with other ecosystems, both big and small, that’s not always the case."

- Vincent Cabral, VP of Product, Nintex

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Byron Jones

VP of Product and Partnerships


Dan Brown

Chief Product and Strategy Officer

Ray Hein

CEO & Founder

Vincent Cabral

VP of Product

Trisha Price

Chief Product Officer