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05.26.2020 - 06.02.2020

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From the Blog


3 Business Areas that Challenge ISVs the Most After They Launch
By Jacob Rouser

Experienced ISVs know that launching a product on the AppExchange isn’t the finish line, but the second leg of the race. We’re discussing the three most common areas that ISVs fail to account for after they launch, which can inevitably slow them down.

Inside the Industry

18 Leadership Lessons Learned from 18 Years at Salesforce
Mike Wolff, Senior Vice President of Global ISV Partners at Salesforce, shares some of the key leadership lessons learned as he approaches his 18th anniversary at Salesforce. From family, business, and more, it is his hope that others can learn from his experiences.

Einstein Prediction Builder: How Do You Quantify the Value of Your Predictive Model?
Ed Sandoval, Senior Product Manager of Salesforce Einstein at Salesforce, gives a deep look at the Salesforce Einstein Prediction Builder and tells readers how to use the new Einstein Prediction Builder Model Accuracy template to better show the value and accuracy of your predictive model.
Why Efficiency, Not Just Effectiveness, is Key to Scaling Customer Success
Nicole Rashied, Customer Success Manager at Intercom, discusses efficiency and effectiveness for customer success teams when they look to scale. She gives her 5 tips to drive greater efficiency and how to implement them for your team.

The 6 Things The Old Me Would Tell The Young Me
Jason Lemkin, Founder of SaaStr, revisits a post he did two years ago, where he discusses what he would say to his younger self. Given the new reality many SaaS businesses face today, he gives his new round of advice.

Customer Acquisition vs. Retention: Where are Your Dollars Best Spent?
Patrick Campbell, Founder and CEO of ProfitWell, examines customer acquisition and customer retention for leaders looking at where to invest capital. He explains that for steady growth, you really need both, but discusses strategies for businesses who may have a constrained budget.

Why Product Features Matter
Richard Holmes, Product Director at Department of Product, challenges the product strategy of rolling out feature after feature and tells why he believes it isn’t really a product strategy at all. He examines the product feature value chain and how businesses can make their features matter more.

Making Product Decisions With Conviction
Tayler Mehit, Partner Marketing Manager at Segment, explores how to make product decisions that stick. She looks at the different frameworks we bring to the table when making decisions and how with the right data and tactics, the right decisions can be made.

Building Better Products Using Intentional Experiments
Hiten Shah, Co-Founder and CEO of FYI, joins Sean Boyce and Stuart Balcombe for a conversation on their podcast, Customer Conversations. They discuss the framework FYI uses for identifying product ideas worth pursuing, as well as how to identify what your customers really want.

More of the Good Stuff
Making work for ISVs

With the new release of, many partners are wondering what this means for their business, their application strategy, and their roadmap. We show partners how to plan around this in our latest technical webinar.
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What is the Salesforce Feature Management App?
What is the Salesforce Feature Management App?

Salesforce gives partners many tools to operationalize and commercialize their applications. One of the newest tools available is the Feature Management App. We explore how clients are adopting this new technology and some of the tradeoffs you should consider.