Learn How Salesforce & FinancialForce Leverage Labs to Accelerate Innovation & Grow ACV

ISV Insights:
How Salesforce & FinancialForce Leverage Labs to Accelerate Innovation & ACV

Learn how you can leverage a Labs framework to accelerate innovation and ACV

Leveraging Labs is an R&D technique that Salesforce ISVs can use to capture ACV for a subset of their end customers without disrupting longer term product roadmaps. It’s also a great way for Product teams to experiment, innovate, and validate ideas within their roadmap.  

In this webinar, CodeScience CRO, Sean Hogan, will be joined by Stephen Willcock, Chief Architect of FinancialForce, to discuss how Stephen and team are leveraging Labs at FinancialForce. Sean and Stephen will explain how Chief Product Officers, Product Managers, Sales leaders and Customer Success leaders can take advantage of a Labs framework to address short term product development constraints.

In this webinar, you’ll learn how a Labs framework can:

  • Serve as a release valve between Sales and R&D when timing of product roadmaps doesn’t align to customer opportunities 
  • Help Product teams innovate and get customer feedback on small feature enhancement ideas
  • Assist ISVs who are looking to expand their TAM by addressing the needs of new market segments, sub-verticals, or new Salesforce clouds


Sean Hogan


Stephen Willcock

Chief Architect