Time to Market can Make or Break Your Product - Get There One Month FasterWe know it will.

The path to success is littered with pitfalls like development unknowns, security review, CRUD/FLS issues, and more. Post launch, your customer/admin installation conversion rates are held hostage to the ease of installation.

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After bringing 200+ products to market on the AppExchange, we have distilled that knowledge into a codebase that significantly speeds the development process while ensuring best security practices. Our work = your win.

The CodeScience AppExchange Accelerator:

    • Replaces 6-8 weeks of development sprints at no additional cost
    • Fully customizable for your branding
    • Increases customer/admin installation conversion rates
    • Handles the majority of typical post-install admin tasks
      • Authentication
      • App Settings
      • Batch job management
      • External Field Mapping
      • Page layouts
      • Time-based workflow rules
      • Permission Set Assignment
    • Enforces CRUD/FLS
    • Easily implements oAuth
    • Includes BuildScience - a tool to set up and manage your continuous integration environment
    • Is Lightning-Ready and Security Review-Ready
    • Includes access to the release code repository for updates

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