Pass Security Review with a Proactive Plan

Trust is Salesforce’s #1 value. To help reinforce trust between ISVs and end customers and ensure the highest level of security across the ecosystem, Salesforce created a process called Security Review. It’s the final step every ISV must complete before they can bring their app to market on the AppExchange.

Yet many ISVs who attempt Security Review on their own don’t pass the first time, and often take 2 or 3 more tries before they do. When you factor in a 4 to 6 week lead time for each review, ISVs who go it alone are risking 6 months to a year of market opportunity.

Designed to help ISVs create a better plan to pass Security Review and get to market faster, the CodeScience Pre-Security Review is here to help! Fill out the form to get started and we’ll reach out right away.