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For start-up founders and business leaders who are new to the Salesforce platform, getting started can feel overwhelming. Between the jargon, the various roles within the Salesforce organization, the different license types – it’s a lot to figure out. And that’s before you’ve even started to build!

Often, we speak with new ISVs who are unsure of where to start or are looking for guidance on how to set up their Salesforce partnership and launch their product successfully. You’re building the foundation of your business – how do you ensure you’re making the right choices?

The Problem

For new ISVs considering their opportunity on the AppExchange or taking their first steps as a Salesforce partner, many key questions arise:

  • Building on the Salesforce platform provides a ton of built-in infrastructure, security, and functionality – not to mention access to the massive Salesforce install base – but how do you know exactly what’s available and what will work best for your solution?
  • What’s the best way for your business to leverage the platform infrastructure and partner ecosystem to accelerate time to market and win your first customers?
  • With all the decision points you encounter at the beginning of your partnership, like which cloud to start on or which license type to choose, how do you know what the right options are for your business?

The CodeScience Approach

  • We’ll set up a call to learn all about your business, your solution, and any questions or concerns you have about getting started on the Salesforce platform, whether technical or commercial
  • We’ll complete our thorough business scoping and solution validation process
  • Based on our 14 years of experience building and launching nearly 400 apps on the AppExchange, we’ll advise what we believe is the best approach for your business to maximize the benefits of the platform, including specific steps you should take as you begin your journey to the AppExchange

Client Results

"With Salesforce, there are a lot of different ways to do the same thing, and how can one know the best way to do it without any experience in it? One of the key things that CodeScience provided was the guidance of what choices to make and what things we should avoid doing. If we were confronted with these decision points ourselves, we wouldn't have been able to make these decisions nearly as well.”– Glenn Chenier, Chief Product Officer, ProntoForms

Outcomes and Benefits

  • Move forward with your Salesforce partnership fully informed of all the nuances and considerations of each decision point
  • Benefit from our deep expertise in all facets of designing, building, commercializing, and supporting products on the AppExchange
  • Gain confidence that you’re making the right decisions for your business to maximize your success as a Salesforce partner

If you’ve got questions about how to start your journey to the AppExchange, CodeScience is here to help. Connect with us today.

About Us:

For 14 years, CodeScience has designed, built, and supported some of the most complex products on the Salesforce AppExchange for the biggest names in the ecosystem. Top ISVs partner with us to drive commercial success on the AppExchange.

Whether you’re evaluating your opportunity on Salesforce, exploring how your existing product can do more, or somewhere in between, CodeScience can support every step of your journey to – and through – the AppExchange.

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