How Leading AppExchange Partners Leverage Salesforce

Want to know best practices for driving business outcomes through Salesforce? To build on last year's momentum, we commissioned the 2nd Annual State of AppExchange Partners Report deriving insights from more than 100 senior-level executives currently on the AppExchange.

The report includes sections focused on:

  • Product & Company
  • Growth
  • Technology & Platform
  • Salesforce as a Channel
  • Investment

Understand how your company compares, and learn proven strategies for success in the Salesforce ecosystem. For insights on these focus areas, get your copy now.

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The Report Answers Questions Such As

Why are more companies choosing to develop for the AppExchange?

Why do leading executives prioritize the Salesforce ecosystem to fuel growth?

What are some common challenges AppExchange Partners face today?

How are companies leveraging the Salesforce channel to drive leads and revenue?

A Sample of What We Learned